“Bowls of Local Goodness”

Found in April 2015, serasa is local business based in Bandung that committed to create a mouthwatering
salad experience with savory homemade dressings.

Serasa which means “one” feel is born because our passion and goal to encourage people to eat more
vegetables. We believe that “changing eating habit with a habit” through a form of salads is
an option for a healthier life.

We personally created each dressing recipe from our own kitchen. Each dressings has different signature fla-
vour that specially made to elevate the freshness from each salad creation.
Because a good dressing is the key to a good salad.

The vegetables harvestly picked from local farmers to get the best natural taste.
Getting the costumer closer to the local farmers is an important value to our products.

We actively introducing our product and knowledge through many different
educational workshops. We’d like to share that how living a healthy lifestyle is actually
simple, affordable, adaptable and easily get locally.